Why register?
There are many reasons why you should register with your GP at university:

» Why do I need to register with a doctor?

» So WHY do I need to Register with a doctor at university?

» What’s the advantage of registering right away?

» Why don’t I just wait until I get ill then I’ll go round there?

» Is registration difficult, can I register right now?

» Oh, and can I see my old doctor in the holidays?

Why CampusDoctor?
Make sure -
you know where to go when you want some help. Is this "freshers flu" or something worse?
Make sure -
you let them know about you. They can set you up, get your records and be ready to help if you need it.
Make sure -
they can communicate with you with advice and tips for your health at university.
Key features of CampusDoctor
Register online and sign with a digital signature
All relevant patient details captured
Data can be fed into most major clinical systems
Fully encrypted forms and communications
Personalise and change the form to your needs