About CampusDoctor
Why should you use CampusDoctor to register your students online?
  •  Cost effective: receive registrations and payments up to a quarter earlier
  •  Easy: no papers to send out, only an Internet link needed
  •  Quick: the on-line form is received the moment it is submitted
  •  Complete: the form is checked for errors before being sent
  •  Printed: no more difficult hand writing to decipher
  •  Secure: SSL/TLS secure online form
  •  Mouse-drawn signature: no need for a hand written signature
  •  Compliant: with DoH and GMS regulations
  •  Branded: form is tailor-made to individual specification
  •  Complemented: add health questionnaire and/or alcohol audit
  •  Popular: over 400,000 students have registered using CampusDoctor
  •  Inexpensive: only pay 50 pence per registration
Using CampusDoctor

Automatic transfer into your Clinical System

For practices using EMIS and SystmOne we automatically transfer the registering student's contact details straight into your clinical system. That's right, no more re-typing! All you have to do is accept them in your clinical system. You will still receive printed and signed GMS1 forms (the latest version) and answers to your bespoke health questionnaire. It's the best of both worlds: customised registration forms and directly into your clinical system.

About us

CampusDoctor was developed in 2011 by Visual Productions Ltd in consultation with the Department of Health to fully comply with the GMS regulations. Originally it was created for the University of the West of England (UWE) Health Centre, which is managed by the Old School Surgery in Bristol. Campus|Doctor proved so successful that we decided to offer it to other health centres that would like to benefit from it.

We know that there is a great need for a quick and easy system to register students with their university health centres. 




Key features of CampusDoctor
Register online and sign with a digital signature
All relevant patient details captured
Data can be fed into most major clinical systems
Fully encrypted forms and communications
Personalise and change the form to your needs