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 If you don't know your NHS number it's very important that you fill in part 1 and 2 below Please contact your previous surgery to get your NHS
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Your GP would like to be able to communicate test results with you by SMS/text. Providing
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NB: if you decline then you will also not receive appointment reminders.
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If you do not know your nearest and most convenient pharmacy here, please email the
surgery once you do and we can add this to your records (
Until then it will default to The Old School Pharmacy in Fishponds.
Please help us trace your medical records by selecting if you are a UK or International
student (Part 1) and then filling in the next section (Part 2)
* Part 1. Select if you are from UK or abroad:
Part 2: Fill in if you come from the UK
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Part 2: Fill in if you come from abroad (international student)
You can't register before you arrive in the UK
(only if you have previously registered with a GP)

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Health Questionnaire
It is now a contractual requirement for GPs to record patients’ ethnicity information in their patient record if that person, or someone authorised on their behalf, chooses to share it. The information, which is optional and does not affect registration, should be recorded in coded form using the available categories, which include ‘prefer not to say’. Ethnicity information is sensitive personal data and must be processed and used only for medical purposes in accordance with data protection legislation. The GMS and PMS Regulations amendment is online.
Please list any CURRENT MEDICATION, including inhalers. Please specify dose:
* Do you SMOKE?
For help with stopping smoking, please visit or text TXTHELP to 63818.
In addition, the Old School Pharmacy in Fishponds runs smoking cessation clinics, and can be
contacted by phone on 0117 9651114 and by email at
How often do you have a drink that contains alcohol?
  Please enter a number 
NHS Alcohol Unit Calculator
How many standard alcoholic drinks do you have on a typical day when you are drinking?
How often do you have 6 or more standard drinks on one occasion?
Organ Donation
Organ donation in England has changed to an 'opt out' system. You still have a choice
about whether or not you wish to become a donor and your faith, beliefs and culture
will continue to be respected. You can record your organ donation decision on the
NHS Organ Donor Register. Tell your family and friends what you have decided.
Blood Donation
If you are interested in becoming an blood donor, please click this link
to go to the blood donor registration page.
Please read our Privacy Notice.
The information you are submitting will be sent encrypted to the medical practice over the Internet, which still isn't 100% secure.
If you are worried about this you can instead obtain a form from the medical practice that can be filled in and delivered by hand.
* = Compulsory.
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